RedCat Rampage (Version 3) MT 1/5 Scale Gas Truck









Now with 2.4Ghz Radio & 26cc. Engine Got Gas?? Be the biggest and baddest on the block with the raging monster called the Rampage MT V3. This high powered beast runs on mixture of unleaded gasoline and 2-stroke oil, and packs an enormous adrenaline-filled punch with a powerful 26cc HY gasoline engine, beefy yet lightweight aluminum alloy chassis, aluminum body oil filled shocks, generous 700 cc fuel tank capacity, oversized air filtration and 4 wheel adjustable camber/toe-in suspension. Reining in this big beast is assisted by two aggressive fiberglass brake pads, 3 steel disc brakes and 7” bead locked wheels, all set on huge block tread soft compound RC off road meats. The Rampage MT poses a formidable threat both on and off the track, and is sure to impress the most hard core 4wd RC truck enthusiast. Stand out from the crowd with a wide selection of power packed hop-ups available now!



Motor Type Gas 26cc HY 2 Stroke
Transmission Single Speed
Drive System 4 Wheel Drive
Length 740mm
Width 600mm
Height 350mm
Wheelbase 516mm
Ground Clearance 72mm
Chassis Type 4mm Aluminum 6061T6
Brake Type Dual Disc
Shocks Aluminum Body Oil Filled Shocks
Fuel Tank Capacity 700cc
Dry Weight 15.2KG (33.4 LBS)
Baterry Battery & Charger Included
Radio System DSM-2C 2.4GHz Remote & Receiver








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